Magnificent Chromodoris (Chromodoris magnifica)

Family: Chromodorididae

7 interesting facts about the Magnificent Chromodoris

1. The Magnificent Chromodoris (Chromodoris magnifica) is a tropical opisthobranch species that belongs to the nudibranch family Chromodorididae.

2. It can be found occurring throughout the Indo-Western Pacific region and has been found in the warm tropical waters of Indonesia, Malayasia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Queensland in Australia.

3. It is closely related to two other species with similar colour patterns: Chromodoris kuiteri, from the north east coast of Australia and Chromodoris africana, from the Western Indian Ocean.

4. This species can be recognised by the orange mantle edge which has a thin white stripe at the edge, the pale blue colouration in the middle of the mantle and the dark blue/black stripes. The gills and rhinophores are both coloured orange.

5. This species can be found living on coral reefs from depths of 5 metres to at least 30 metres.

6. Similar to other members of the Chromodoris genus this species is known to feed on sponges. In the Philippines it has been observed feeding on an orange sponge.

7. The Magnificent Chromodoris (Chromodoris magnifica) grows to at least 6cm in length.

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