Honours Project

Factors affecting accumulation and concentrations of Selenium in the Sea Mullet (Mugil cephalus) from Lake Macquarie-NSW, Australia

Summary of Project

The project was a study on Mugil cephalus (Sea Mullet) from Lake Macquarie, NSW and examines the factors that influence the accumulation and concentrations of selenium within 8 various fish tissues (Muscle, Gonads, Liver, Intestines, Stomach, Heart, Gills and Kidney). Differences between the selenium concentrations from the various tissues is to be examined to find what parts of the fish have the highest lowest concentrations.

Factors such as Age, Sex and Weight were examined to see if there is significant differences in selenium concentrations. Concentrations within tissues were analysed on a Graphite furnace and also work on the speciation of selenium in the tissues will be carried out. By examining this fish it can be determined if Lake Macquarie is polluted by selenium and if the levels exceed the NHMRC guidelines for metal concentrations in estuaries throughout Australia. It also gives an indication of levels of Se that humans are consuming from the eating of fish from Lake Macquarie.

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