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Diving Tubbataha Reef - Philippines

The Human Friendly Sharks

(Published in Asian Diver Magazine - Nov 2009 - 6.4mb pdf)

The Best Job in the World - Working as a Marine Scientist

(Published in Asian Geographic Junior - Oct 2009 - 4.1mb pdf)

Scuba Diving in Nelson Bay

(Published in Divelog and Port Stephens Holiday Guide - 4.5mb pdf file)

Seahorses of Port Stephens - Pdf 195kb

(Published in Australian Geographic - Issue 94 - April/Jun 2009)

Seahorse Science - Ocean Heroes: Save the Seahorse - Save the Oceans
(Published in Australasia Scuba Diver 2008: Issue 6

On the Rocks - Scuba Diving at South West Rocks - NSW

(Published in Australasia Scuba Diver 2008: Issue 3)

Aussie Adventures in North Sulawesi - Cocotinos Dive Resort

(Published in Dive Log Magazine - May 2008 )

Review of Nikon D300 and Ikelite Housing: Published in UWP41

Photo Portfolio - Dave Harasti 2007 (PDF file 2.5mb)

(Published in Advanced Diver Magazine - Issue 26 )

Secrets of the Seahorse (PDF - 137kb)

(Published in Wetrag Magazine - September 2007)

My Favourite Dive Site - Fish Rock @ SW Rocks

(Published in Australasia Scuba Diver 2007: Issue 4)

An Underwater Odyssea in North Sulawesi - June 2007

(Published in Divelog Magazine - July 2007)

Labradors of the Sea - The Grey Nurse Shark

(Published in Australasia Scuba Diver 2007: Issue 1)

Scuba Diving in East Timor

(Published in Sport Diving Magazine: Issue 119) - (Download the PDF file - 255kb)

Seahorse Research in Papua New Guinea (PDF File - 432 kb)

Fish Magnets - The wrecks of South-east Queensland

(Published in Australasia Scuba Diver 2006: Issue 2)

Diving in Vietnam - An article on scuba diving in Vietnam
(Published in Australasia Scuba Diver 2006: Issue1)

PDF File - 1mb