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Scuba Diving in Northern Sulawesi - Bunaken, Lembeh and Bangka
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These images were taken over a two week trip to Northern Sulawesi in April 2007. Diving at Bunaken National Park and Wori Bay (Odyssea Reefs) was conducted with Odyssea Divers based at Kima Bajo Resort. Diving in Lembah Strait was at the brand new Bastianos Lembah Resort opened in 2006.Three days were spent onboard the 5-Star liveaboard vessel Odyssea 1 (built in 2006) and its journey included Lembeh Strait and Bangka Island.

All images were taken with a Nikon D80 in an Ikelite housing using DS125 strobes.

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Lembah Strait

Bunaken Island

Odyssea Reefs

Bangka Island


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